Monday, November 19, 2012

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#childhood #house

"This is the place where I grew up". It took you a while to realize that I was not kidding. We had too little things in common, let alone our childhood memories.

- My father taught me to ride a bike.
- My father never teaches me anything.

Maybe that was one thing we had in common growing up: the ever struggle to deal with the absence of a father in our lives. "I'm afraid I will never get over it", you told me one day. I said "It was over between me and him, a long time ago."

If your father were still here, would you tell him about me?
If my father had never left, would I even have been with you?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

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I was in your bathroom, trying in vain to clean the black straits of mascara running on my face with your soap. You knocked on the door, asking if everything was fine. I was wondering whether you were really ready to see my face without make-up.

My tears were all black. If I walked out to be with you now, I'd have to drop everything I had been wearing in the name of so-called love and dignity...
Would I ever be ready to face myself again in the mirrow without these masks?