Sunday, October 16, 2011

Me and the music...

Last night I saw you kissing her in my dream
I was there, it was real
The way your lips just touched her face
I was there, and it was real
The way your eyes looked at her
What did it tell me? What did it tell you?

I was there, and it was real
The warmth of my tears
And the coldness of my hands
I was there, but you didn't know
All you saw was the one you kissed

And today, when your lips touch mine
And your hands hold mine
Is this real?
I close my eyes, 'cause I don't want to see
What if you didn't look at me that way?

Don't ask me why my tears are warm
Don't ask me why my hands are cold
You are here, but is this for real?

How many kisses will it take to forget one dream?
How many words will it take to wipe away the pain?
If it was not real, how would it break me?

You hold me now
But how do I tell which is real...
What does it tell me? What does it tell you?

While listening to a sad sad song...